Make WordPress as Android App

Make WordPress as Android App

Make WordPress as Android App

In this article, let discuss on

Make WordPress as Android App

Make WordPress as Android App. Yes, follow the article from top to bottom and do not miss out anything. In the end you will see your website or WordPress blog in Android phone as an application.

You can also publish the app in Google Play Store or any eco-system for Android apps (Such as Amazon app store, Samsung galaxy app store, Honor/Huawei App Gallery and So on).

How to Make WordPress as Android App?

Converting WordPress blog or Website is easy if you have hands-on with Android Studio and Android SDKs.

               Yes, you need to know little bit of java coding knowledge and basics of Android application development. Do not worry if you have very little knowledge on these both should also be fine. If you follow this article carefully.



October 20, 2021

Senior Developer | Java & C#.NET | 10++ years of IT experience.

Planning to learn ReactJS or Angular or Flutter.!

How to create a file in unix – 3Minutes: Tutorial

In this video, I have explained How to create a file in unix?

(Create, edit, view and save text file using unix terminal.)

This video covers the below listed commands

  1. pwd – present working directory
  2. cd – change directory
  3. touch – to create file
  4. cat – view content of the file
  5. less – same as cat command, but opens in editor
  6. mkdir – make or create directory

How to create a file in unix ?

aryanz_co_in@pop-os:~/dev/folder1$ touch hello.txt
aryanz_co_in@pop-os:~/dev/folder1$ vi hello.txt
[Edit the file] to save press Esc + :wq (w is for save and q is for quit)
aryanz_co_in@pop-os:~/dev/folder1$ cat hello.txt

Keep the learning short, not to waste your precious time.

How to create a file in unix - 3Minutes: Tutorial

Burger King IPO Status: What happened to my allocation?

Have you recently ordered Burger King IPO?

Free Images : fresh, hamburger, fast food, dish, patty, cheeseburger,  veggie burger, Original chicken sandwich, buffalo burger, Burger king  premium burgers, Burger king grilled chicken sandwiches, breakfast  sandwich, junk food, big mac,burgerking,ipo,stock,market
Burger King IPO

Then you must be waiting for the allotment status, you can check the status in 2 ways. Lets see what are those?

  1. BSE Websitehttps://www.bseindia.com/investors/appli_check.aspx
  2. Link Intime India – https://linkintime.co.in/ipo/public-issues.html

What do you need to have in handy before checking the status?

  1. Name: Burger King India Limited
  2. Application Number (You can check your broker or provider site)
  3. PAN Card
  4. DP/Client ID (optional)
  5. Account No & IFSC (optional)

BSE Website

Goto this link https://www.bseindia.com/investors/appli_check.aspx

  1. Choose Issue Type as Equity
  2. Choose Issue Name as Burger King India Limited
  3. Application No (IPO Application number)
  4. PAN No.

Note: Dated 9-Dec-2020 The status is shown as “No Record found”.

BSE IPO Status checking form

Link Intime India

Goto this link https://linkintime.co.in/ipo/public-issues.html

  1. Choose the Company (Burger King)
  2. Choose PAN/App. No. (or)  DP/Client ID (or)  Account No & IFSC
  3. Based on your choice above, you need to input the values accordingly.
Link Intime India IPO Status checking form

Note: Dated 09-Dec-2020, we are not seeing the Burger King as company in the company list.

Let us wait till 10-Dec-2020 10:01 AM

Patient matters 🙂 when it comes to investment.

What happened to my Burger King IPO allocation?

As of dated 10 Dec 2020 evening : The IPO Allocation is done and you can check the status now.

Hello World!! Apache Wicket

What is Apache Wicket ?

Apache Wicket is a Web Framework provided by Apache Foundation “apache.org“.

Why Apache Wicket?

To my understanding, Apache wicket is a Component based web framework. Which provides support to create the View and Model (UI and Business Logic) very quickly and easily.

What do we need to create Wicket Application?

In order for us to build Wicket Application, we need the Libraries and IDEs.

  • Wicket Libraries – Download (at the time of writing this blog i used the Apache Wicket 7.x)
  • Eclipse IDE J2EE/WDT – Download
  • m2e – maven2 for Eclipse Plugin – How to download m2e from market place?
  • Tomcat 7 (We need a web server, to run our application to handle the Servlet/Filter Request & Response)

Note: If you are using maven to configure the project, you do not need to download the wicket libraries mentioned above, because maven will download the necessary jars required for Wicket Application.

Lets Get Start With Setting up the Workspace!!

  • Launch Eclipse
  • Create New Dynamic Web Project (New -> Project -> Other – Dynamic Web Project)
  • Give Project a Name “WicketHelloWorld”
  • Choose the Runtime and Select Apache Tomcat 7.0 (How to Setup Apache Tomcat 7 Server)
  • Click Next


    New Dynamic Web Project

  • Do not change anything for the class source directory, Click Next


    No Changes, Click next

  • Make Sure you Click the Check Box “Generate web.xml”. !


    Select Generate web.xml

  • Click Finish.
  • Your project will be created and can be seen in project explorer.

Adding Maven Dependency to the Project we created.

  • We need to add Maven Dependency to the project.
  • Right Click on the Project and Choose “Configure -> Convert to Maven Project”.


    Groupid : your package name can be given Artifact id: Your Project Name packaging: war (Web archive)

  • Click Finish, pom file will be opened.



  • We need to add the dependency for Wicket and other required libraries.
  • Click on the pom.xml tab and add the below dependency entry

add this into pom.xml after closing tag. and save the pom.

  • Press Alt+F5 to update the Maven dependency

    Note: You need Internet connection at very first to download the wicket library files.

  • Once your have the maven dependency downloaded, we are good to start creating our Wicket Hello World!! Program.
  • Open web.xml from WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml



We have to add Filter to the web.xml, so that when we hit the URL in browser it uses the wicket filter to kick-start our application.

  • Now create new java package “in.balamt.app”
  • Create new Java Class “MainApplication.java” which extends from “org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.WebApplication”.
package in.balamt.app;

import org.apache.wicket.Page;
import org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.WebApplication;

public class MainApplication extends WebApplication {

 public Class getHomePage() {
 // This getHomePage method will be called at first, and inorder to have our HomePage to be displayed we give the HomePage.class
 return HomePage.class;



  • getHomePage() method is called when launching the application. so we have to provide the home page.
  • Create new package “in.balamt.pages”
  • Create New Java Class “HomePage.java” and Create New HTML “HomePage.html”

    Note: Wicket required both java and html files, also both the files need to be placed together, meaning java and html file name and location should be same.

    To be continued

How-To Choose Right Version of Eclipse For you!!

Choose the Right Version of Eclipse & Download

To Download Eclipse visit http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/eclipse-packages/

Below are few List of Eclipse Packages

Eclipse Download Packages List

Eclipse Download Packages List

Choose the one you are looking for.

For example if you want to develop Java/J2EE Applications Download –

Choose 32 bit or 64 bit (See How to Check Your PC is 32 bit or 64 bit ?)

Eclipse for Java/J2EE Dev

Eclipse for Java/J2EE Dev

Now Download the .zip package (for Windows) and .tar.gz (for Linux & MacOS)

See How to Install Eclipse ?

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