What is WeCanCode.Live?

WeCanCode.Live is a place where you can learn about programming, coding, troubleshooting, new technologies.

How can i contribute to the WeCanCode.Live?

Wow, We are much exicited🤩 to see your interest in contributing.

There are multiple ways you can contribute.

1. Writing email to 📧 (mail [@] wecancode.live), with your article in Word document, attach images used in the article.

2. Follow this GitHub repo 📃 – https://github.com/wecancode-live/contribute#readme

Why do I See lots of Ads?

I’m really sorry 😢 for the inconvinence caused, We have set our Ads to display automatically and the automated ad placement will happen based on the screen you are viewing.

We once again sorry for the experience you!

📌 If you have Ad Blockers enabled, Please whitelist or allow our Site to run Ads. We have Servers running and they need to be paid monthly. we relay on the Ads to get the server up and running.

Is there any App for Android?

Yes, WeCanCode.Live have its own Android App published in Google Play store.

Get it from Google Play Store Now

Download WeCanCode.Live App from Google Playstore

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