Add PNG Icon to Android app


In this article, let discuss on

Add PNG Icon to Android app

Let us see how to Add PNG icon to Android App. In the end you your app will use the icon you have added for the android application.

 In this article I’m going to use the existing android project created as part of this article Make WordPress as Android App. This Follow the code repo used  ).

How to Add PNG Icon to Android App?

You can add Image assets by Right click on the location where the image or icon need to be placed.

See below screenshot for the Menu option in Android Studio.

  • After right-click drawable folder, Choose New > Image Assets
  • You need to choose the image or icon from the browse menu under Source Asset section of Foreground Layer Tab.
  • Adjust the Scaling according to the image or icon output.
  • Go to Background Layer tab and adjust the background color or image accordingly.
  • Once done, click Finish (Note: Try to keep the same name as the previous icon file name, if you are replacing the icon)
  • Run the App to see the new Icon changed.
intellij add image asset menu


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