Aggregator Microservice Design Pattern

Previously we saw about What is Microservice? and the principles followed while developing MSA and the available design patterns.

Know about Microservice Aggregator Design Pattern.

Know Aggregator Microservice Design Pattern

The Aggregator is something that collects related items or data and displays them (combining and merging of data).

In MSA aggregator is a basic web service that internally invokes various services to get the required information that needs to be aggregated and send back to the requestor.

This pattern helps when you have the requirement of collecting data from various different services and merging the collected information.

aggregator microservice


We have two different services namely Student and Address which has their own database, and we need to gather the data from both the service/database.

Which uses a Unique ID as a reference in both databases, thus allowing us to fetch the data from both databases via the web service endpoint and combine or aggregate them with help of the new service Student’s Address which is the aggregator service.



In the next article, we will see in API Gateway design pattern.





November 05, 2021

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