Setup ReactJS to create your first hello world

ReactJS environment setup in Windows using NodeJS, npm and few modules

Setting up ReactJS Locally (Windows)


In this article, we are going to see how to setup ReactJS locally (Windows).


  • NodeJS
  • npm & npx (if npx is not installed use the below command
    npm install -g npx

Using the create-react-app command:

npm command
npx create-react-app hello-world-react-app
npx command executed

Once the npx command is successfully executed, you will be seeing the screen as above image.

Now we are good to start our first ReactJS app.

we need to go inside our react application folder.

cd hello-world-react-app
npm start

once you are inside the reactjs application folder, start the web development server (webpack) using npm start command.

ReactJS App started and url is printed in terminal/command

Once you click on the link, it should open browser window with the URL clicked. http://localhost:3000/

ReactJS App Launched in Browser

Pro Tip:

You do not need to restart the webpack everytime, just make changes to your RectJS Application code and save it, it will be automatically rebuild and reloaded in the browser.

Balamurugan T

Balamurugan T

August 11, 2021

Java & C#.NET Developer with 10++ years of IT experience.

Planning to learn ReactJS or Angular or Flutter.!

Microsoft Windows Emoji keyboard shortcut

Microsoft Windows Emoji keyboard shortcut

Microsoft Windows Emoji keyboard shortcut Win + .

In this article, let discuss on

Microsoft Windows Emoji keyboard shortcut Win + .

Emoji’s 😊😂🤣😍😒👌😘💕😁👍🙌

Emoji’s plays vital role in everyone’s life now!

We express our thoughts usings these Emoji’s. Emojis were part of Phone and Handheld devices. Due to heavy usage of these Emoji now PCs and Laptops also needed those emojies.

For very long I used to search the emoji in Google and copy paste them where ever needed, But  Winodws has this Emoji pop-up integrated.

Keyboard Shortcut for Emoji in Windows

  • During text entry, type Windows logo key   + . (period). The emoji keyboard will appear.
  • Select an emoji with the mouse, or keep typing to search through the available emojis for one you like.

    By Pressing Windows + . (period) will bring up the Emoji popup (as shown below)

    Microsoft Windows Emoji keyboard shortcut

    Wanna try it now 👓


    🚩Pro Tip: Type all the symbols like a pro

    Sometimes you need to type a character that isn’t on your keyboard, like an em-dash (—) or the copyright symbol (©). If you have a numeric keypad on your keyboard, you don’t have to find one and copy and paste, you can just do it! Here’s how:

    1. Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard.
    2. With the Alt key held down, type the four-digit code on the numeric keypad for the character you want. (Include the leading 0 if that’s required.)

      Note: This only works on the numeric keypad. This won’t work on the row of numbers at the top of the keyboard.

    3. Release the Alt key.

    Here’s just a few of the characters you can type with the Alt key:





    Copyright symbol



    Registered symbol




    List Dot



    Section symbol




    Double dagger






    Paragraph symbol (Pilcrow)



    Upside-down exclamation mark



    Upside-down question mark



    Cent sign



    British Pound



    Euro currency



    Japanese Yen


    Balamurugan T

    Balamurugan T

    August 08, 2021

    Java & C#.NET Developer with 10++ years of IT experience.

    Planning to learn ReactJS or Angular or Flutter.!

    How to Check your PC is 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) ?

    Check your PC/Laptop is 32 bit or 64 bit

    For Windows PC Users

    • Open Command Prompt (Windows +  R and Type cmd and Press Enter)
    • Type the command “systeminfo(without quotes)



    • It loads your system info (wait until it populates everything)
    • Search for System Type Which will show whether your PC is x86 or x64.
    • If you see x64-based PC means your PC is 64 bit, else 32 bit.
    • System Type

      SystemInfo: System Type