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What is an Event sourcing design pattern?

What is an Event sourcing design pattern?

What is an Event sourcing

Design Pattern?


Today we will see what is an Event sourcing Design Pattern is.

Previously we saw about What is Microservice? and the principles followed while developing MSA and the available design patterns. also, we saw the Shared database design pattern.

Before understanding what is Event sourcing design pattern is, let us see why & when do we use the Event sourcing design pattern.

All application uses data to maintain the current state of the data by updating it, In the traditional Create, Read, Update & Delete (CRUD) model a data is read, then make some modification to It, and update the current state of the data with the new values – often by using transactions to lock the data.

 CRUD has its own limitations, below are a few such limitations.

  1. CRUD performs update operations directly against the data, which slowdowns the performance and limits the scalability.
  2. When multiple users read and updates the data, more likely conflict occurs since the update operations take place on single data.
  3. Unless there is a separate auditing mechanism that records the state of data as history or the state of the data is lost.

Now, this is why & when we need to use an Event sourcing design pattern.

Event sourcing design pattern:

Event Sourcing gives us a new way of persisting application state as an ordered sequence of events. We can selectively query these events and reconstruct the state of the application at any point in time. Of course, to make this work, we need to reimage every change to the state of the application as events:

What is an Event sourcing design pattern?

Event sourcing design pattern


Consider we have Order and Cart services, When the Client adds the item to the cart or remove the items from the cart, these are called events, These events must be stored in order to maintain the changes made to the cart.

The events are persisted and published into the Event queue. Where the other services will subscribe to those events to get the updated state of the cart.

Consider you add the item to cart from Mobile App, then you login to website via PC and make some changes to the cart, these are captured as events and maintaining the seamless experience when accessing the cart in different platform.


In the next article, we will see the Branch design pattern.




November 18, 2021

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