A better way to learn to code using Python in Tamil

Learning to be different! Yes Learn Python programming in Tamil (Medium of instruction). watch the course videos for free in Youtube. (Knowledge sharing made easy) 

Python Topics

  • Python programming language | பைத்தான் Programming language அறிமுகம்

  • Python Introduction

  • Write your first Python Program | Hello world to Python Programming Language (Tamil)

  • Python Syntax, Indentation, Best practices in writing Python codes and In built Data types (Tamil)

  • Python comments and variables 

  • Python type casting and Operators 

  • Python IDE PyCharm or Notepad 

  • Python Decision making & loops 

  • Python Classes, Objects, Modules & Functions

  • Python Exception handling (try…except..finally)
  • Python Database | CRUD Operations

  • Python Files (Read & Write Operations)

  • And More…

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